Sunday, March 19, 2006

Excerpt from

Mmm...I think there is much truth in what is written here:

“...Loneliness isn't simply the result of being alone. Most of us have experienced the feeling of loneliness in a crowd, and many of us know the feeling of not being lonely when we are by ourselves. Furthermore, loneliness isn't so much about not knowing anyone - but more about not being known by anyone. The feeling of total aloneness comes from the realization that you have not let anyone really know you. Having protected yourself successfully, you find yourself alone in your fortress, the only one who really understands you. This is a tragedy deeper than you realize. Do you see the circle? Gripped by the fear of truly being known, you hide yourself - believing it to be the best way of keeping "friends" - and in doing so, you end up feeling deeply alone no matter how many people accompany you through life. Like everything else in life, we are faced with a choice. We can move towards self-disclosure and risk betrayal, or move towards self-concealment, and risk experiencing profound loneliness.” - Tim Bailey


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