Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My "big drugie housemates"

I complain about my housemates sometimes, especially when I am tired or stressed out about school...which, confessingly, has been A LOT lately. I tell other people how they have big parties and drink a lot and do drugs and throw up in pots and make tuns of noise until they pass out. I say to other people that they are "big drugies". I say this in a disapproving tone and crinkle my nose. But, I really don’t hate my housemates. Actually, despite the fact that they drive me to tears sometimes, the longer we live together the more I sincerely like most of them as people. I wondered today though, if I come across as thinking that I am somehow “better” than my "drugie housemates". I wondered if I SOUND like I hate them. And what if the people I am complaining to secretly do drugs themselves? Or did drugs? Or are into the party scene? Or are struggling with something else? What if the people I complain to will never be able to share things about themselves because they think I will stop liking them? Or they get to generalizing that all Christian people are like me and they feel judged right from the start? And what if my housemates could hear me? Would I say different things?

I am not going to complain about my housemates anymore.


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