Saturday, January 12, 2008

People are NOT a waste of time

I read something today that made me feel kinda angry. About if you are ready for marriage and you are friends with someone of the opposite sex that you do not plan on marrying you are wasting your time. It was in a Christian article. Gah! How can anyone say that FRIENDSHIP, that investing in someone’s life, that spending time with someone, that getting to know someone, that sharing your life with someone, that loving someone as a friend, is a WASTE OF TIME!?!? I mean, I understand articles cautioning against a girl and guy spending too much time hanging out alone together. But this? Since when did the life of a young adult become a sole-purpose-mission to find someone to marry? At what point did it become ok for things to be completely and entirely about us and our own agendas? Are we so selfish that if we don’t get, as the article labels it, “the benefit of marriage”, as a result of the friendship, it becomes a waste of time?!?!


I guess I am feeling angry because I love my friends a lot, and I would NEVER want any of them to think they are a waste of time – to me, or to anybody else. And honestly, the article scared me a bit too…the thought that I could be someone else’s waste of time…


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