Sunday, January 15, 2006

More thoughts.

I was puzzling some more over my feeling so desperate to be known....

I was reading this book called, Searching for God Knows What (by Donald Miller), and one of the things he said really stuck with me. He said: “Man was wired so that he needs something outside himself to tell him who he is”. I think this is so true. And I think that very often we learn that we are loveable and valuable or unlovable and invaluable from other people. I know that in the past I have, and I still really struggle with this. I think to a large extent all people live their lives the way they do in the very attempt to fill this inherent need for affirmation and acceptance. We NEED to be told that we are worth something. I hate that I am “needy”. However, I don’t think it can be an entirely bad thing. I mean, God made us this way, Adam and Eve (even before the fall) included, with the need to be told these things. But this is where it got screwed up. We were meant to have HIM tell us who we are, to have God tell us these things, that we are valuable and loved, and to instil in us a sense of worth...not people.

...and so remains this overwhelming need to be deemed of worth. And I apparently am still searching for that from people.


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