Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me :)

I think snow is fun
e of the things that I absolutely love to do is just look up at the stars.
I love the sound of rain on the roof.
My least favourite sound in the world is probably my alarm clock :P.
I cry when people yell.
Children captivate me.
I love crunching through leaves
And the way trees look in the fall.
One of the best sounds in the world is laughter…especially when kids laugh, you know, when they REALLY laugh, as hard as they can. It makes my heart light.
I like making snow angels and tubing
I even like skating. Though I spend more time falling down then moving forward.
One of my most favourite things in the ENITRE WORLD are hugs.
I love being with people
Knowing people
Loving people
Making people smile
Hearing someone’s smile over the phone

I wish I could dance
I wish I had more self-confidence.
I am ridiculously gullible.
I’m a bad liar…horrible at playing games like cheat.
I think mangos are yummy.
I love camp fires
And sitting in a van or on a couch with so many people that you are completely and entirely squished.
Sometimes I avoid thinking about things that make my head hurt.
I kind of like the feeling of the sun baking my skin…but only for short intervals.
I like when I am JUST sunburnt enough that it hurts when I scrunch up my nose.
I love getting mail. Real mail. Letters!!
Looking at photos
I’m a slow reader
I care too much about what people think.
I wish I was better at comforting people and knowing what to do or say when people are hurting.
I wish I was more consistent in my relationship with God.
I am envious of people who can say things like “Been to many places on this planet, but there is nothing like coming home to friends and family”. I long for that kind of relational permanence.
I am excited to be a nurse.
My two biggest fears in life are that I will never come to truly love God, and that my life will be completely insignificant and meaningless.

I long to be told that I have worth.
I am terrified of getting married, but want so much to share my life with someone in that way.
I am the queen of procrastination. I find that stressful.
Sometimes I make people laugh…but mostly I think it is because I embarrass myself more than anyone I know.
I love dogs. They are always happy to see you, even if you've only been gone for 5 minutes.
I want to learn how to play guitar.
I love music. Listening to it. Playing it. Singing it (but only when no one can hear me :P)
I can play the piano.
I like to read fiction novels.
I wish I was more articulate when I speak.
I wish I was a better friend.

I am not a morning person.
But I love sunrises. And sun sets too.
I admire honesty.

I wish I was prettier….on the outside, and the inside.
I wish I wasn’t so selfish.
Vanilla is a great smell. So is the smell of pretty much any pie, muffins, or cookies being baked.
I have eaten pumpkin pie on my birthday for as long as I can remember.
My other favourite pie is probably raspberry, or maybe raspberry custard. (really, I like all of them
I tend to talk really fast. And mumble. Especially when I am excited. I'm working on that.
Old people intimidate me because I don’t like that they can’t hear me unless I talk really loud.
I’m not good at hiding my emotions. But I’m getting better. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
I’m tall. I like standing beside big guys and feeling tiny.
I am afraid of a lot of things…some are silly and irrational, like balloons. Others are not so silly.
My friend Bethany Tulloch thinks that I tell the best stories ever.

I love surprises.
My favourite colours are yellow - because it’s happy and reminds me of sunshine, my dog, flowers, and smiley faces - and blue - because it’s just pretty.
I wear a striped rainbow coloured hat all winter. It’s really warm.
I think Spanish sounds beautiful.
My gut reaction when meeting new people is to be shy. I want to be more outgoing. I’m getting better.

I don’t feel like I belong anywhere in this world.
I often feel confused…I am really quite paradoxical.
I’m a horrible speller. Sounding things out in English doesn’t usually work so well.
I am good at remembering people’s birthdays.
I like to write down my thoughts…though I have a lot of trouble with it.
I think we are restricted by words.
I have a bad habit of staying up too late.
I like to draw. I like to make beautiful things.
I call out for that which I refuse.
I am bad at time-management. Everything always takes me twice as long I had estimated it would.
I have a stuffed panda bear named Ping, whom I’ve had since I was like 4. I still sleep with him every night.
My favourite vegetables are turnip, cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans.
Sometimes I don’t know what’s right.
I am aggravatingly ambivalent

I am Angela
I am a work in progress


At Wednesday, August 06, 2008 12:58:00 AM, Blogger Dave said...

And I love you all the bring out the work gloves :-)


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