Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoughts from Ecuador #2

Thought it time for a funny story :)

So this past weekend my friend, Luke, and I took a trip to Cuenca in the mountains to visit our friend Daniel. It was SO great just being able to share time together - in laughter and in seriousness. But that's not the funny story.

The funny story begins on the bus, on the way back to Guayaquil. A man got on the bus to sell stuff, which is completely normal for Ecuador. He started out talking about God, and then seemingly randomly announced that he has been drinking his urine for 11 years now. Yes, that's right, his pee. Luke and I both looked at each other thinking that in our tired state we must have completely misunderstood him, but no. He continued his shpeel explaining to us that if WE were to drink our own pee, we would be cured of cancer, indigestion, heart problems, osteoperosis, arthritis, even Alzheimers and bad breath! Annnnnd if we were to BATHE in it, we would never go bald! Amazing! Oh, and did you know that if you are fat and drink your pee you will loose weight too? (maybe 'cause you would completely loose your appetite! ugh). He even had articles from sketchy newpapers and magazines to prove his points. The strange man ended by trying to get us to buy ginsing and viagara pills. Totally didn't catch the connection to the 40 min rant about pee drinking, but it was definitely a good laugh afterwards. The scary part was that a lot of the poor little uneducated Ecuadorians were asking him questions about the pee drinking!! - Should I drink it in the morning or in the evening? How much should I drink? "Oh you start at 1/4 cup a day and work up to drinking everything that comes out". Agh. Oh, and be warned, you shouldn't drink alcohol if you are going to drink your pee. BUT, if you DO, then you should mix your pee with orange juice! :D

Hahaha. Oh funny memories.


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